International Rights / Droits internationaux

Story / Récit

  • Long Ago, if I Remember Correctly…
    Jadis, si je me souviens bien...

    Georges-Hébert Germain

    Un récit émouvant sur l'enfance et le passage du temps. / A touching look at childhood and the passage of time.

    Well into his autumn years, the author thinks back on his life and his childhood self. He is both amused and bewildered to realize just how much things have changed – how much he himself has changed – for the better, in some ways, and in others, for [...]

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  • Unafraid of the Dark
    Pas peur du noir

    Marilou Bourassa

    Thirty-two weeks pregnant, Chloé has an ultrasound that reveals a health problem with her baby. The verdict comes a few days later: a chromosome abnormality. Chloé resigns herself to leaving the hospital without her stillborn baby. Devastated in [...]

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  • Why Me?
    Pourquoi moi ?

    Lise Ravary

    Journalist and blogger Lise Ravary fell head over heels in love with Judaism, so much so that she decided to convert. Raised Catholic and educated mainly by nuns, she lost faith in the Church in her teens. How was it then that she felt so drawn to [...]

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  • Kisses

    Jean O'Neil

    It has been Jean O'Neil's long-time dream to write an almanac. And people have been encouraging him for years to compile his voicemail messages in book form. So, one day, he had the brilliant idea of combining the two projects to create an [...]

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