Robert Piché - Hands on destiny

ISBN : 9782764801192
Date de parution : janvier 2004
Sujet : Biographie
Nombre de pages : 264 pages
Statut : Épuisé

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Robert Piché
Hands on destiny

Par l'auteur Pierre Cayouette

« It’s him, alright! » Those who knew Robert Piché instantly reacted the same way when they heard radio and TV reports that the pilot of an Air Transat Airbus A330 had just made an emergency landing in the Azores after running out of fuel – and that all 291 passengers and 13 crewmembers were safe and sound. Robert Piché is no stranger to “turbulence.” And he is the first to wonder if the ups and downs of his life were a necessary prelude to the supreme test he would face on August 24, 2001. Journalist Pierre Cayouette’s story of an anything-but-ordinary life takes on the semblance of an adventure. The tale begins in Quebec on the snow-covered runways of the Gaspé, James Bay and the lower North Shore, and weaves its way to Vietnam and the stormy skies over Ho Chi Minh City, back to the American South and a Georgia prison, then into the pulsating night jungle of Montreal, and on the roads of Iqaluit. Then comes that unforgettable day when Captain Piché finds himself at the controls of an aircraft whose engines have run out of fuel… 39,000 feet up… at night… in the mid-Atlantic. A moment that will leave you breathless.

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